BeaconGrid Resources

GridScan: How to Subscribe to Real-Time* Presence Data from Your BeaconGrid Infrastructure

BeaconGrid Dashboard Overview

Universities: The Next Frontier for iBeacons

Learn why college campuses are great for Apple iBeacons, specific use cases for iBeacons at universities and how BeaconGrid infrastructure is being used...

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Plug Sensor Factsheet

Learn how Plug can be used to support geomarketing, enterprise security, wayfinding, mobile intelligence and safety.

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Mobile Engagement Factsheet

This factsheet explains solutions, which may be developed within buildings equipped with the BeaconGrid infrastructure. Single deployment - many solutions. Download to learn more. 

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Outlet Sensor Factsheet

Patented Outlet Sensor supports Bluetooth® iBeacon, Eddystone, and Physical web signals. Also includes GridScantechnology for presence-awareness of nearby devices. The outlet form factor preserves the décor of any room while offering presence data and enhanced security. Download the PDF to learn more. 

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Beacon Technology Landscape: A Historical Overview


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